Modern office building with façade venetian blinds by daylight

ROMA Façade Venetian Blinds – for an Attractive and Customised Façade Design

ROMA façade venetian blinds offer climate and daylight control as well as an attractive façade design. They are made of high-grade aluminium and sit as a complete system in front of your window. Thanks to different slat profiles and numerous technological add-ons, façade venetian blinds help you achieve a pleasant indoor climate and control incoming light to suit room use.

ROMA façade venetian blinds are available in rail or cable-guided versions as well as in a self-supporting version.

ROMA products combine technical sophistication, durability and high investment security. These blind systems come with a motor drive as standard and offer an optional radio or Smart Home control system for maximum ease of use.

Profile ROMA rail-guided façade venetian blinds

Rail-Guided System

An aluminium front-mounted system with rail guides. Visible boxes to be installed on the reveal of a window or on the wall.

With our rail-guided system, the slats barely make a sound as they glide through the guides. In addition, the system can be front- or reveal-mounted.
Profile ROMA self-supporting façade venetian blinds

Self-Supporting System

An aluminium front-mounted system to be installed on façades.

Our self-supporting system is robust enough to resist wind speeds of up to 80 km/h.
Profile ROMA cable-guided façade venetian blinds

Cable-Guided System

An aluminium front-mounted system with cable guides. Fully-plastered boxes for a discrete look.

The slats and the bottom rail are guided by an almost invisible stainless-steel cable. Additionally, the system offers you the possibility of having relatively small element widths.
ROMA Variety

External Venetian Blinds – the Details of Perfection

Comfort & Design Lamella CDL
Insect screen
Remote control
Fall protection pane
Back-up battery
Sun monitor
Wind monitor
Daylight technology1
Operating position1
Smart Home
Front-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Modular External Venetian Blinds
Top-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Façade Venetian Blinds
P XP P XP S PURO 2.XR-RS PURO 2.XRK-RS Rail-Guided Self-Supporting Cable-Guided

1 Daylight technology and operating position not available for CDL and Z-slat
Only possible for box sizes 170, 190 and 170 x 190
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