ROMA External Venetian Blinds – Continuous Daylight Regulation

ROMA venetian blinds are extremely effective sun-screening systems offering the best in design and functionality. The tilting aluminium slats adjust the amount of daylight and shade to suit you whatever the time of day and whether you're working or relaxing.

The advantages of our external venetian blinds become glaringly obvious when they adorn large glazed areas on open and transparent architecture. The sun's rays are reflected by the aluminium slats and overheating in rooms is reduced by 75%! The fine-tuning options strike a perfect balance between glare control and indoor privacy.

Modern window bungalow on stilts with external venetian blinds in the country by daylight
Innovative Comfort & Design Lamella

ROMA CDL for External Venetian Blinds

ROMA has redesigned the external venetian blind, just for you. The new ROMA Comfort & Design Lamella (CDL) stands apart from all previous systems both visually and operationally. With a new structural approach, the ROMA CDL slat system provides unprecedented design and comfort possibilities for external venetian blinds.

Adjust Your Sunrays to Your Liking

One Curtain, Many Benefits

At a Glance

The Advantages of ROMA External Venetian Blinds

Filter the sunlight coming into your rooms. ROMA external venetian blinds provide shading, protect you from prying eyes and filter the daylight to suit your needs. Enjoy relaxed living while your intelligent sun-screening solution provides you with a perfect balance between seeing out and not being seen from the outside.

Find out more about the benefits of ROMA external venetian blinds here.

Man and woman sit in a dining/living room
Wooden construction of house with front-mounted external venetian blinds by daylight
Modern house with interior lighting, modular external venetian blinds
Patio with seating area in the twilight and with view to ROMA half opened external venetian blinds
Modern office building with façade venetian blinds by daylight
Closeup external venetian blind slats
ROMA Variety

External Venetian Blinds – the Details of Perfection

Comfort & Design Lamella CDL
Insect screen
Remote control
Fall protection pane
Back-up battery
Sun monitor
Wind monitor
Daylight technology1
Operating position1
Smart Home
Front-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Modular External Venetian Blinds
Top-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Façade Venetian Blinds
P XP P XP S PURO 2.XR-RS PURO 2.XRK-RS Rail-Guided Self-Supporting Cable-Guided

1 Daylight technology and operating position not available for CDL and Z-slat
Only possible for box sizes 170, 190 and 170 x 190
Modern model home in the twilight with interior lighting, textile screens
Smart Home

For a Thoughtful Modern Home

ROMA makes operating your external venetian blinds as easy as can be. From wall-mounted switches to the handy radio remote control set-up and, more recently, the Smart Home control system, your choice of options is as extensive as our external venetian blind range.

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