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External Venetian Blinds – Product Benefits

The product benefits of ROMA external venetian blinds range from smooth daylight control to choosing exactly how much light you want to let into your rooms. In addition, the exceptional comfort and unrivalled design are all the more reason to choose ROMA external venetian blinds. One look at the following benefits and you're sure to be won over.

Daylight Control/Filtering

Allow in as much light as possible, yet at the same time preserve our privacy – this is were ROMA's external venetian blinds come into play. They are able to continuously regulate the natural light that comes into your living spaces according to the sun's position. Lighten up a room without it overheating, or darken it without sacrificing the outside view. Our external venetian blinds offer the ideal combination of comfort and freedom.

The various slat shapes available filter daylight in very different ways. Flat venetian blind slats tend to reflect sunlight, whereas curved slats will diffuse incoming light. As a result, you can opt for fuller or softer shade in your interior.

And there's more! Depending on how open the blind is, you can smoothly control the brightness of your room – from dark to very bright. You decide exactly how much light comes in – and where it falls!

Modern Design: Façade Designs & Colour Scheme

External venetian blinds are an elegant design feature on a façade, combining contemporary style and operational efficiency. Our venetian blind slats are very sleek and look great, even when completely lowered.

The new ROMA Comfort & Design Lamella, or CDL for short, has given rise to a stylish visual impact in a class of its own: a pure and linear design, concealed perforations and highly functional privacy protection and sun screening have created a new standard for venetian blinds.

And as shape and colour go hand in hand: Everything you may desire is possible with ROMA's colour collection. And even a bit more. The colour collection contains a large selection of colours for high-quality durable surfaces. Choose from among seven colours in the ROMA Colour Harmony to form a harmonious whole with the matching curtain colours.

Glare Protection

External venetian blinds offer you efficient glare protection. At ROMA, we offer different shaped slats for different configurations, along with a daylight technology that allows light in through the topmost slats while the remaining slats block it out.

Room Darkening

Do you want light control and a view outdoors but also the option of darkening your room if you need to? ROMA external venetian blinds open up a whole range of light control possibilities. Our different types of slat create varying levels of darkness. 

If you want to darken your room almost completely, our new CDL Comfort & Design Lamella is the product for you.

Effortlessly programme your own personal sunrise and start the day in a relaxed way with ROMA external venetian blinds.

Heat Protection & Energy Efficiency

Simply bring your cooling costs down. While using alternative energy sources helps you make considerable savings on your heating costs, cooling a house still burns a hole in your pocket. This is not so with ROMA external venetian blinds. Rather than cooling down the hot air afterwards, you can already forestall overheating with an exterior-mounted sun screening device. This allows you to save a lot of money on air conditioning – without needing to save on daylight.

If you're planning to replace your windows and fit them with ROMA external venetian blinds in the near future, you can count on financial support as part of the many incentive measures (please look for current programmes in your country).

Fig. 1: Interior sun screens let the most heat into a room.

Fig. 2: Sun screens placed between the window panes can reduce insolation by only 10% to 15%.

Fig. 3: Exterior sun screens are the most effective. In this case, insolation can be reduced from 60% to 75%.


Is it possible to have optimum light control and protect your indoor space from prying eyes? Yes – thanks to an intelligent privacy and sun protection system such as ROMA's external venetian blinds.

ROMA's daylight technology enables you to keep the lower part of your external venetian blinds closed when they are lowered while the tilted slats let light and brightness in through the upper part.

This allows you to live relaxed while your intelligent sun screening solutions ensure a perfect balance between openness and privacy.

If you want opaque, compact venetian blinds, we recommend our new ROMA CDL Comfort & Design Lamella. Specially designed guide rails and an additional gap cover ensure you are even better protected from prying eyes.

Insect Screening

ROMA's external venetian blinds are more than a set of assembled slats that you can open and close. For instance, if you like sleeping with your window open during the warmer seasons but could do without visitors that bite, then you'd best rely on ROMA's integrated insect screen. 

It can quickly and easily be pulled down and disappears just as easily and conveniently in the box of your external venetian blinds – where it is best protected against weathering – when it is no longer required.

Convenient & Easy to Use

ROMA external venetian blinds offer you a choice of control systems. Use our elegant and intuitive wall-mounted switches to control your external venetian blinds easily and conveniently, or opt for a radio remote control system for even more comfort, wherever you are in your home.

ROMA Smart Home makes operating your venetian blinds even easier! With the 'TaHoma' home control system, you can programme and control sun screening from your smartphone or tablet, totally intuitively, even when you're away!

ROMA external venetian blinds are also compatible with the Loxone Real Smart Home system. This system saves your household up to 50,000 actions every year, as it requires hardly any manual input.

Ready for more comfort? Automated external venetian blinds provide further benefits: A sun sensor automatically ensures that you get enough shade by lowering the curtain when too much sun is shining in. Likewise, a wind monitor protects the curtain against storm damage by gathering it when the wind is too strong – and thus ensures that you get to enjoy your external venetian blinds for a long time.

Quality Made in Germany

We offer quality and ideas produced in Germany. In just three decades, the owner-managed company ROMA has become the German market leader for roller shutters. Added to this, ROMA is continually the focus of attention in the industry thanks to its innovative solutions for external venetian blinds and textile screens.

One of the keys to ROMA's success is our clear commitment to keeping production in Germany. ROMA roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens are produced at four locations in Germany.

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