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Somfy TaHoma

The French roller-shutter motor-drive specialist is present in over 60 countries and is an international market leader in building and home automation. Somfy brings you TaHoma, a comprehensive smart home system enabling you to control your home practically from top to bottom with a wireless network. The automatic control of roller shutters, venetian blinds, textile screens or garage doors is the first step towards making your home more comfortable.

With the TaHoma box, you can automate recurring, everyday tasks or control them conveniently at the touch of a button and by voice. In addition, your sun-screening system can be easily connected to weather sensors, lighting and also heating. Routine tasks are completed with a click or even automatically - leaving you more time for the finer things in life.

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TaHoma Switch is the latest generation of smart control from Somfy, used to to centralise and connect your Smart Home devices. It is easy to operate using scene launcher buttons on the box itself, via a voice assistant or in the app - so it can also be used at any time while on the go.

The commands are sent via the internet to TaHoma Switch, which is connected to the home router – this means the box can be positioned anywhere in the house. The information is then directed to roller shutters, sun-screening systems and so on. The simple user interface is easy to use.

Whether it's personalised scenes, time and calendar functions or sensor-controlled programming, your smart home can be easily adapted to your wishes.

We recommend you ask a specialist to install and initially configure the system, although, if you already know how to do it, you can also set everything up yourself.

ROMA system compatibility
Roller shutters: 
Somfy wireless motors (io-home control)
Somfy wireless motors (RTS)
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

External venetian blinds: 
Somfy wireless motors (io-home control)
Somfy wireless motors (RTS)
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Textile screens:
Somfy wireless motors (io-home control)
Somfy wireless motors (RTS)
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Garage doors:
Roller doors with the Somfy Rolixo io system

* System components are switching devices that can be controlled by the smart home system and can forward the relevant command to the motor/appliance.

  • Somfy house icon, white on yellow background
Somfy house icon, white on yellow background

Somfy TaHoma in Your App Store

TaHoma is very easy to use with your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the TaHoma iOS or Android app from one of the app stores here and sign in with your app login details.

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  • Play Store
Somfy TaHoma

The Right System for Your Home

Running costs
Scope of application
Retrofitting (old buildings/rented apartments), new builds
Installed by
Self-installed (expertise required), professionally (user-modifiable settings)
Transmission standard
io-home control (wireless), RTS (wireless)
Optional transmission standards
EnOcean (wireless), Zigbee (wireless)
Wireless motors for roller shutters, external venetian blinds, blinds, textile screens
Climate control
Light sensors, temperature sensors, wind sensors, air sensors, room thermostats, floor heating, radiator thermostats, water heaters/boilers
Philips Hue, DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), flush-mounted modules, adaptors
Motion sensors, window handle sensors, smoke detectors, alarms, door/window contacts, surveillance cameras, water sensors
DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), power meters, flush-mounted modules, adaptors
Sonos loudspeakers, door intercom systems
Household appliances
Control options
App for Android, app for iOS, remote control, wall-mounted control, personalised scene launcher buttons on the box
Optional control options
IFTTT, Amazon Echo (Alexa), Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
Control systems for garage doors, drive gates, awnings and skylights
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