ROMA Roller Shutters – for Protection, Comfort and Cosiness

ROMA roller shutters can do a whole lot more than just the usual up and down. ROMA roller shutters are intelligent and – if you wish – even fully automated systems that protect against the summer heat, undesirable prying eyes, break-ins, heat loss as well as insects. They are dynamically controllable design elements for façades and provide effective protection against capricious weather. They change the atmosphere and lighting mood of your rooms ever so slightly or quite dramatically.

When it comes to heat protection, roller shutters have great energy-saving potential. In addition, the sturdy roller shutter, especially the aluminium version, provides windows with extra anti-burglary protection.

ROMA roller shutters are a decision based on reason and gut feeling.

An All-Rounder at the Window

One Curtain, Many Benefits

At a Glance

The Advantages of ROMA Roller Shutters

ROMA roller shutters are all-rounders through and through – there are a whole host of advantages to prove it. Whether you need protection against the summer heat, noise, prying eyes and break-ins, or you want to save energy, create a certain light and have a versatile design, ROMA roller shutters will not disappoint.

Find out more about the benefits of ROMA roller shutters here.

Woman stands in bedroom in front of a window with half-closed roller shutters
Home in the twilight with interior lighting and half closed roller shutters
Single-family home detailed view window with nearly closed roller shutters
Window close-up roof slope with angled roller shutter TRENDO
Roller shutter profile detailed view with water drops
ROMA Variety

The Right Roller Shutter Involves Detailed Work

Insect screen
Fall protection pane
Security package
Remote control
Back-up battery
Sun monitor
Solar drive
Solar drive
Smart Home
Front-Mounted Roller Shutters
Top-Mounted Roller Shutters
Angled Roller Shutters
Modern model home in the twilight with interior lighting, textile screens
Smart Home

For a Thoughtful Modern Home

ROMA makes operating your roller shutters as easy as can be. From the more traditional strap and crank mechanisms to the handy radio remote control set-up and more recently, the Smart Home control system, your choice of options is as extensive as our roller shutter range.

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