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The New ROMA CDL Comfort & Design Lamella

ROMA offers highly efficient shading systems that meet the highest requirements in terms of design and operation. The new ROMA Comfort & Design Lamella – or CDL for short – are a world first in external venetian blinds. They combine exceptional technical perfection with style and security for your private indoor space.

Modern home in the twilight with interior lighting and Comfort and Design Lamellas

Innovation in Comfort & Design

The new ROMA CDL Comfort & Design Lamella stands apart from all previous systems not just visually, but operationally too. The structural concept opens up unprecedented design and comfort possibilities for venetian blinds. ROMA has redesigned the external venetian blind, just for you.


More Comfortable by Day, at Night, in All Weathers

  • Daylight Control or Filtering

    The ROMA CDL Comfort & Design Lamella offers you the utmost comfort throughout the day. It prevents sunlight from reflecting on your screens and also ensure your rooms don't overheat.

  • Eye-Catching Privacy

    The advanced design of ROMA CDL fits in perfectly with modern architectural styles, with its pure lines and its eye-catching elegance. ROMA CDL's innovative structure can block out daylight completely and also gives you total privacy at night – from top to bottom and left to right – even with bright indoor lighting.

  • More Than Just Good Look – Functional Design at its Best

    ROMA CDL will win you over at a glance, with its new stylistic expression. The newly developed slat design offers your home new functions and takes it to a new level of comfort.

  • Greater Wind Stability for Greater Comfort

    Thanks to special slat bolts, unique roller carriages and purpose-built guide rails, ROMA CDL offers significantly better wind stability than the average external venetian blind, which has to be raised as soon as the wind picks up.

  • Push-Up Prevention to Stop Intruders

    ROMA CDL repels unwelcome intruders. Its roller carriages include a push-up prevention system. Even the most tentative attempt at lifting the curtain from the outside triggers the blocking system. It makes your home feel all the safer.

  • Even From the Side You Can't See in

    The generously overlapping slats and special guiding technology on the sides protect you from prying eyes and direct sunlight. You can rely on us for efficient privacy protection and better room darkening.

R+T Innovation Award for our SmartTurn strap spool
Design Award for ROMA CDL
Design Award for ROMA CDL
Red Dot Award for ROMA CDL
Modern model home in the twilight with interior lighting, external venetian blinds
Smart Home

A Thoughtful Modern Home

ROMA makes operating your external venetian blinds as easy as can be. We recommend a motorised, radio-remote-controlled system if you want to benefit fully from your external venetian blind system. And why stop there? Connect it to a smart home control system for even more comfort. Your external venetian blinds will then seamlessly blend in with your everyday routine, with you hardly having to think about operating them.

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