Modern house with interior lighting, modular external venetian blinds

ROMA Modular External Venetian Blinds – the Ideal Combination

ROMA modular external venetian blinds offer effective sun screening and attractive façade design rolled into one. They will enhance any building, whether innovative or classic in style. 

The MODULO modular venetian blind system perfectly combines a front-mounted system with façade venetian blinds. ROMA modular venetian blinds are available as a cassette or cover panel system.

Profile ROMA modular external venetian blinds MODULO


An aluminium front-mounted system with a square shape. It can be installed with a visible cover panel in the window reveal, onto the window or on the wall, or with a cover that can be fully rendered for a discrete look.

Why not combine a front-mounted system and classic façade venetian blinds? MODULO.P is a versatile product, whether you want a render-compatible model that fully integrates into your façade or a visible model with a cover panel. MODULO.S can be used in restorations, using existing recesses above windows. With ROMA solar venetian blinds, you need no longer forego convenience of operation with external venetian blinds. All MODULO systems come with a motor drive as standard and can be equipped with a radio or Smart Home control system as an option. The components of this system are perfectly matched and the high-quality, corrosion-free aluminium design offers durability and a safe investment. If you wish, some MODULO.XP models can be equipped with an integrated insect screen or supplied in a wind-resistant version.
ROMA Variety

External Venetian Blinds – the Details of Perfection

Comfort & Design Lamella CDL
Insect screen
Remote control
Fall protection pane
Back-up battery
Sun monitor
Wind monitor
Daylight technology1
Operating position1
Smart Home
Front-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Modular External Venetian Blinds
Top-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Façade Venetian Blinds
P XP P XP S PURO 2.XR-RS PURO 2.XRK-RS Rail-Guided Self-Supporting Cable-Guided

1 Daylight technology and operating position not available for CDL and Z-slat
Only possible for box sizes 170, 190 and 170 x 190
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