House by daylight with two double garages

ROMA Roofline Doors – Save Space Efficiently

The door curtain of ROMA roofline doors moves upwards and backwards at a tight angle into a horizontal position along the ceiling. The advantage is maximum clearance, even with low headroom.

The elegant profiles of our automatic aluminium garage doors give a visual effect in a class above the average garage door panel or section. Minimum space usage and neat, fully enclosed technology add value to your garage both inside and out. And naturally, each door is made to measure and fits your garage perfectly.

Roofline door model side view with BMW Touring


A roofline door for renovations and new builds. This door is mounted just below the ceiling, and is ideal for very narrow or low-ceilinged garages without a lintel.

GECCO operates extremely quietly and doesn't require extra space in front or behind the door. It glides discretely along the ceiling without noticeably reducing the height of the garage. An anti-opening security device stops intruders and an obstacle detection sensor along with completely enclosed technical components safeguard against any injury. The standard smooth surface finish of the door profiles guarantees a contemporary look. GECCO can generally be installed in a single day.
Roofline door model side view with BMW Touring


A roofline door for renovations and new builds. This door is mounted just below the ceiling and is suitable for single or double garages.

SILENTO by ROMA incorporates several innovations. A tried-and-tested slide technology coupled with a SIMA control system smoothly lifts and lowers the door. A fully enclosed compression spring mechanism on both sides stops the curtain in any position, counterbalancing the weight (Duo Balance System). The door only blocks if the motor fails or a spring breaks. The drive motor is located in the middle of the garage door and caters for wide openings, even when ceilings are low.
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Garage Doors – Ideas Create Technology

Motor operation
Remote control
Remote control io
Key pad
Switch pad
Radio coding switch
Obstacle detection
Safety edge
Emergency manual operation
Integrated emergency mechanism
Hold-down system
Electronic hold-down system
In-built soundproofing
Mobile shaft system
Roll-off protection
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