ROMA Façade Textile Screens - the Innovative Solution for Mullion-Transom Façades

ROMA façade textile screens are highly efficient sun-screening systems in front of your window that provide shade at the push of a button, while its transparency still lets you enjoy the view outside.

With zipSCREEN F50, ROMA developed the ideal textile sun protection system for mullion-transom façades, which can be used independently across all façade systems and is perfectly integrated into the façade.

The simple and adaptable design of the zipSCREEN F50 has been thought through down to the smallest detail, from the guide rails to the bottom rail, so that the ROMA façade textile screens were awarded the reddot Design Award for product design.

And the continuous optimisation doesn't stop there: The zipSCREEN F50 is now also available with integrated LED lighting and as solution for 90° fully glazed corners.

Mullion-transom façade with ROMA textile screens


The façade system for textile screens made of aluminium with a square box shape that can be easily and elegantly integrated into a mullion-transom façade. The ROMA zipSCREEN F50 façade textile screen not only impresses with its simple, adaptable design, but also with its technical features that are specially tailored to the requirements of façades.

The zipSCREEN F50 is not only easy to install on the façade with an innovative connection, but also impresses with its enormous wind stability and as many units next to each other as you want as one system. With possible areas up to 18 m², the ROMA façade textile screen offers aesthetic and reliable shading for large glass façades.
The zipSCREEN F50 can also be easily integrated into a smart home system, offering users various control options. 
Fully glazed corner with ROMA Façade Textile Screen

zipSCREEN F50 90° Fully Glazed Corner

The façade solution for fully glazed corners. As a front-mounted element made of aluminium with a square box shape. Enables the attachment of textile screens to mullion-transom façades with 90° corners.

90° fully glazed corners are seen more and more frequently on façades. For zipSCREEN F50, the textile screens can be driven together on both sides by a special corner gearbox, as well. Visually, the elements fit together perfectly.
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Remote control
Back-up battery
Sun/Wind package
Fabric with see-through panel
Insect screen
Fall protection pane
Integrated LED lighting
Smart Home
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