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ROMA Fabrics – Countless Nuances of Colour and Transparency

To obtain a natural indoor climate, we choose selected materials and fabrics for our textile screens. Glass fibre, polyester or with metal effect – ROMA's high-tech fabrics vary in absorption, reflection and transmission of light. With textile screens a wide variety of colours is offered, with lighter colours reflecting light and heat better than darker ones. However, the latter enable a better view from the inside out. Why not ask your ROMA distributor or your architect directly for advice?

All cloths are extremely easy to clean and weather-resistant. All fabric types are subject to ISO 9001 (and the following) quality control and highly tear-resistant.

Sample detailed view ROMA glass fibre cloth

Glass Fibre Cloth

Cloth made of PVC-coated glass fibre yarns, twill weave

Sample detailed view ROMA polyester cloth

Polyester Cloth

Cloth made of high-strength polyester yarns, pre-stretched and set in PVC

Sample detailed view ROMA cloth with see-through panel

Cloth with See-Through Panel

Cloth made of PVC-coated glass fibre yarns, twill weave with PVC see-through panel

Sample detailed view ROMA special cloth, metal or metal effect surface

Special Cloth

Cloth with metal or metal effect surface

Sample detailed view ROMA insect screen with mosquito icon

Insect Screen

Efficient protection against flying insects (without a sun-screening effect)

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