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ROMA Fabrics – Countless Nuances of Colour and Transparency

To obtain a natural indoor climate, we choose selected materials and fabrics for our textile screens. Glass fibre, polyester or special fabrics – ROMA's high-tech fabrics vary in absorption, reflection and transmission of light. With textile screens a wide variety of colours is offered, with lighter colours reflecting light and heat better than darker ones. However, the latter enable a better view from the inside out. Why not ask your ROMA distributor or your architect directly for advice?

All fabrics are extremely easy to clean and weather-resistant. All fabric types are subject to ISO 9001 (and the following) quality control and highly tear-resistant.

An overview of available fabrics can be found in the ROMA Fabric Finder web application. 

Sample detailed view ROMA glass fibre cloth

Glass Fibre Fabrics

Fabric made of PVC-coated glass fibre yarns, twill weave

Sample detailed view ROMA polyester cloth

Polyester Fabrics

Fabric made of high-strength polyester yarns, pre-stretched and set in PVC

Sample detailed view ROMA acrylic fabric
Acrylic Fabrics

Fabric made of solution dyed acrylic yarns, PVC-free

Sample detailed view ROMA cloth with see-through panel

Fabrics with See-Through Panel

Fabric made of PVC-coated glass fibre yarns, twill weave with PVC see-through panel

Sample detailed view ROMA insect screen with mosquito icon

Insect Screens

Efficient protection against flying insects (without a sun-screening effect)

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