Patio with seating area in the twilight and with view to ROMA half opened external venetian blinds

ROMA Top-Mounted External Venetian Blinds – Windows and External Venetian Blinds Become One

Our ROMA top-mounted external venetian blinds can be used for private or commercial buildings as well as new builds or renovations. ROMA top-mounted external venetian blinds are directly mounted onto your windows, thus forming a single window/blind unit, which can then be harmoniously concealed within the façade.

This sun-screening system is suitable for all tpyes of window and closes tightly to exclude virtually all draughts and heat loss. On top of this, our high-quality PVC components are both weather and UV-proof.

ROMA top-mounted external venetian blinds installed on render or clinker brick façades can also be equipped or retrofitted with an integrated insect screen as well as a motor drive and a radio Smart Home control system.

Top-mounted external venetian blinds model


A top-mounted system made of rigid polyurethane foam with optimum thermal and sound insulation. Fully rendered boxes with external inspection access and optimised height.

An ideal external venetian blind system for new builds. The system sits directly on the window and is installed as a single window/blind unit in a single operation. The main body of the venetian blind box is made of rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) and guarantees exceptional sound and thermal insulation with low weight. PUR is rot-proof, resistant to mould and decay, odourless and physiologically harmless. The robust lining prevents insects or rodents from damaging the foam. With PURO 2.XRK, ROMA offers yet another great solution. Specially designed for clinker brick constructions, it neatly fits into a clinker façade for a harmonious look. ROMA external venetian blinds are delivered with a motor drive as standard. You can add an insect screen quickly and easily and equip the blinds with a radio or Smart Home control system for utmost comfort of use.
ROMA Variety

External Venetian Binds – the Details of Perfection

Comfort & Design Lamella CDL
Insect screen
Remote control
Fall protection pane
Back-up battery
Sun monitor
Wind monitor
Daylight technology1
Operating position1
Smart Home
Front-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Modular External Venetian Blinds
Top-Mounted External Venetian Blinds
Façade Venetian Blinds
P XP P XP S PURO 2.XR-RS PURO 2.XRK-RS Rail-Guided Self-Supporting Cable-Guided

1 Daylight technology and operating position not available for CDL and Z-slat
Only possible for box sizes 170, 190 and 170 x 190
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