Modern, two-storied building with surrounding window front and front-mounted textile screens

ROMA Top-Mounted Textile Screens – Efficient and Translucent Sun Screening

ROMA top-mounted textile screens are the latest in textile sun-screening systems. This highly efficient sun-screening system in front of your window provides shade at the push of a button, while its transparency still lets you enjoy the view outside.

ROMA top-mounted textile screens are installed onto windows at the same time as windows are installed in openings. This creates single window/screen units, which are then harmoniously concealed within the façade at a later stage.

All ROMA textile screens offer fantastic possibilities in terms of design and use. From transparent or translucent screens to blackout screens, the sky's the limit! The different types of fabric on offer and a whole range of colours let your imagination run free and cater for the smallest of details.

Profile ROMA top-mounted textile screen PURO 2.XR-zip with insect screen

PURO 2.XR-zip

A top-mounted system for textile screens made of rigid polyurethane foam with external inspection access and optimum thermal as well as sound insulation. Fully rendered boxes for optimised height.

ROMA offers you with PURO 2.XR-zip the perfect solution for easiest installation. The system is mounted in one go and gives a harmonious finish for all types of window. It avoids drafts and unnecessary heat loss, which is a bonus for your heating bills. The polyurethane foam (PUR) in the top-mounted roller shutter box also ensures optimum sound and thermal insulation values. PUR is rot-proof, resistant to mould and decay, odourless and physiologically harmless. The robust lining prevents insects or rodents from damaging the foam. You can also add an insect screen quickly and easily for the Right Roller version — even after installation. Thanks to secure lateral guidance, the PURO 2.XR-zip can withstand high wind loads of up to 120 km/h (depending on size and installation position). An integrated glass fall protection solution is optionally available here, as well. As for the operating concept, you can choose between a motor drive and an automatic radio or app-based control system for your Smart HOME. With PURO 2.XRK-zip, ROMA offers yet another great solution. Specially designed for clinker brick constructions, it neatly fits into a clinker façade for a harmonious look.
Profile ROMA top-mounted textile screen RA zipSCREEN


A top-mounted textile screen system made of PVC. It comes with the option of an outer plaster baseboard or an external aluminium cover.

The indoor-facing box section is comprised of hollow double-walled profiles, providing robustness, insulation properties and high sound insulation values. As the system and the window are delivered and assembled together, you not only benefit in terms of planning and installation but also in terms of heat protection. The combined thermal insulation provided by the window and textile screen can save you precious energy as well as money.
Depending on element size and installation position, RA zipSCREEN can withstand winds of up to 120 km/h. The system can be fitted with any of the fabrics from the ROMA collection (except from fabrics with a see-through panel and insect-screening fabrics). For top-mounted components made of PVC, additional film-coatings and wood effects are available, along with a variety of colour shades. The external aluminium cover can also be powder-coated in a variety of colours. As for the operating concept, you can choose between a motor drive and an automatic radio or app-based control system.
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Textile Screens – Keep the View

Remote control
Back-up battery
Sun/Wind package
Fabric with see-through panel
Insect screen
Fall protection pane
Integrated LED lighting
Smart Home
Front-Mounted Textile Screens
Top-Mounted Textile Screens
Façade Textile Screens
zipSCREEN.2 zipSCREEN.2 90° Fully Glazed Corner rollSCREEN.2 PURO 2.XR-zip/
PURO 2.XRK-zip
RA zipSCREEN zipSCREEN F50 zipSCREEN F50 90° Fully Glazed Corner
Only available for Right Roller version
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