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Somfy Connexoon – the Easy Way to Intelligent Living

With home automation, users enjoy greater comfort, energy efficiency and security at home. And it gets even better once individual appliances are digitally connected to each another.

With the control app Connexoon Window you can control ROMA roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens with the Connexoon Box by Somfy, totally intuitively. Even when you're away! This applies to all ROMA systems with Somfy io-motors.

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Let's go!
When you're away from home, just one tap on your smartphone shuts the roller blinds and activates the alarm.

Scenarios make programming the opening and closing of roller shutters and venetian blinds or setting weather sensors, timers or notifications effortless. With a tap of your finger, your home is protected.

Is everything OK?
Just tap once to check and/or modify the status of your product, whenever and wherever!

ROMA system compatibility
Roller shutters: 
Somfy wireless motors (io-home control)

External venetian blinds: 
Somfy wireless motors (io-home control)

Textile screens: 
Somfy wireless motors (io-home control)

Garage doors: 
io roller door control via an additional app

  • Lettering Somfy in white on orange, above window icon in darker orange
Lettering Somfy in white on orange, above window icon in darker orange

Connexoon Window in Your App Store

An intuitive interface to programme scenarios, leave home with complete peace of mind and check the status of the openings in your home (windows, shutters) and the alarm, wherever you are.
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Somfy Connexoon

The Right System for Your Home

Running costs
Scope of application
Retrofitting (old buildings/rented apartments), new builds
Installed by
Transmission standard
io-home control (wireless)
Optional transmission standards
Wireless motors for roller shutters, external venetian blinds, blinds, textile screens
Climate control
Light sensors, temperature sensors, wind sensors
Philips Hue, adaptors
Door/window contacts
Sonos loudspeakers
Household appliances
Control options
App for Android, app for iOS, remote control, wall-mounted control
Optional control options
Control systems for garage doors, awnings and skylights
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