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Roller Shutters – Product Benefits

With ROMA roller shutters you just can't escape the benefits! Not only do you enjoy protection from the heat and sun, but you also get an easy-to-use, convenient product. And that's not all, other product features also contribute ROMA roller shutters' reputation efficiency as well as excellence.

Heat Protection & Energy Efficiency

Saving heating costs with roller shutters. Cost-effective building means keeping home energy consumption to a minimum. Modern roller shutters contribute to this effort. Because roller shutters – or more precisely the layer of air between window and roller shutter – provide additional thermal insulation during cold months. Independent studies verify that closed roller shutters alone can considerably reduce heat loss. When renovating houses, simply replacing the windows and roller shutters allow up to 40% savings in heating energy.

With its energy-saving roller shutters, e.g. TERMO, ROMA offers a solution that enables you to quickly and easily renovate outdated roller shutter boxes as regards energy. There are currently as many incentive programmes in Europe as never before. Web sites provide you with individual information for your building.

Room Darkening & Glare Protection (Sun Screening)

Light or dark? Or why not something in between? Modern roller shutters offer unrivalled sun screening and can darken a room almost completely. This can be great if you fancy an early afternoon nap or need to catch up on sleep after a night shift. Roller shutters also let you watch TV or use the computer without any irritating light reflection on the screen.

If ever you want to let just a small amount of light into your room, the slits between the individual roller shutter profiles should do the job.

Anti-Burglary Protection & Security

ROMA roller shutters act as a bodyguard in front your windows, giving you extra protection against break-ins. A closed roller shutter offers real protection from unwelcome intruders.

The optional ROMA security package with reinforced bottom laths, guide rails with concealed screws and hold-down systems let you sleep with even more peace of mind.

In combination with the additionally reinforced and extra-sturdy ALUMINO protect roller shutter profiles, the roller shutters become an essential component of your home security concept.


We all need some private space, a place where we can really be ourselves. Roller shutters offer you true privacy – and some quality of life to boot! You choose how much of "the outside" you want to let in, just by opening or closing your roller shutters. Close your roller shutters and no-one can see in, even if you have the light on inside and it's dark outside.

Weather Protection

Houses are generally built for generations. In addition to providing comfort, investing in high-quality roller shutters allows you to preserve the value of your real estate. Roller shutters provide effective protection against weathering particularly for the sensitive interface between interior and exterior, i.e. the window.

Noise Protection

Roller shutters provide additional protection against outside noise that shouldn't be underestimated. The high-quality and environmentally friendly foam-filled profiles with the best sondproofing properties ensure that you sleep very soundly.

Insect Screening

ROMA roller shutters are combined all-rounders. The fully integrated insect sceen curtain allows you to keep annoyings pests out of your home single handed. If you no longer need it during the day or during the cold season, the tear-resistant and highly transparent Transpatec fabric disappears entirely in the roller shutter box. Many ROMA roller shutters can be fitted with an insect screen – even as a retrofit.

Convenient & Easy to Use

ROMA roller shutters offer you a choice of control systems. From strap or crank-operated to motor-driven, you choose the operating concept that best meets your requirements. Use our elegant and intuitive wall-mounted switches to control your roller shutters easily and conveniently, or opt for a radio remote control system for even more comfort, wherever you are in your home.

ROMA Smart Home makes roller shutter control even easier. With the 'TaHoma' home control system, you can programme and control sun screening from your smartphone or tablet, totally intuitively.

ROMA roller shutters are also compatible with the Loxone Real Smart Home system. This system can spare your household up to 50,000 hand manoeuvres a year, as it requires hardly any manual input.

Contemporary Design & Colours

Your mode of living is a question of personal taste. Everything you may desire is possible with our ROMA colour collection. The colour collection contains a large selection of colours for high-quality durable surfaces. For instance, choose from among seven standard colours in the ROMA Colour Harmony to form a harmonious whole with the matching curtain colours.

Quality Made in Germany

We offer quality and ideas produced in Germany. In just three decades, the owner-managed company ROMA has become the German market leader for roller shutters. Added to this, ROMA is continually the focus of attention in the industry thanks to its innovative solutions for external venetian blinds and textile screens.

One of the keys to ROMA's success is our clear commitment to keeping production in Germany. ROMA roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens are produced at four locations in Germany. Find out more about our company. It's no wonder ROMA was listed as a "Brand of the Century" for roller shutters at the German awards in 2022.

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