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Loxone. No Gimmicks. Real Smart Homes

Loxone was launched in 2003 to offer an easy-to-use and affordable smart home system for everyone. With several thousand smart home projects under its belt, this Austrian company based in Kollerschlag is now at the forefront of the sector. In a Loxone Smart Home, everything is managed and controlled from a central, intelligent nerve centre – the small green Loxone Miniserver.

From shading to lighting, alarms, heating, or more complex systems such as solar panels, the Loxone Real Smart Home simply knows what to do and takes up to 50,000 tasks off your hands every year. And changing your pre-defined set-up couldn't be easier, just a simple click on a switch – or a tap on your smartphone – and you're done.

Lettering Loxone in green on grey

The Loxone Miniserver comes in two versions. A wired Miniserver that is ideal for new builds. It is installed in your switch panel and controls all the elements in your apartment or house from there.

Miniserver Go is the perfect solution for retrofitting and renovations thanks to its integrated Loxone Air wireless technology. It has a compact design and you can place it wherever you like – on a flat surface or up on your wall.

We recommend you ask a certified partner to install and initially configure the system.

ROMA system compatibility
Roller shutters: 
Geiger SOLIDline Flex AIR wireless motors
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

External venetian blinds: 
Geiger GJ56 AIR wireless motors
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Textile screens: 
Geiger SOLIDline Zip AIR wireless motors
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Garage doors: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

* System components are switching devices that can be controlled by the smart home system and can forward the relevant command to the motor/appliance.

  • Lettering Loxone in white on green
Lettering Loxone in white on green

Loxone Smart Home in Your App Store

The Loxone Smart Home takes care of lots of things by itself, relieving you of countless tasks every day. Of course, you can take control at any time at the touch of a button or from the app. Loxone offers a free app, available from the Apple AppStore, the Google PlayStore or the Windows Store.

  • App Store
  • Play Store
  • Windows Store
Loxone Smart Home

The Right System for Your Home

Running costs
Scope of application
Retrofitting (old buildings/rented apartments), new builds
Installed by
Certified Loxone Partner
Wired, wireless
Transmission standard
Tree (wired), AIR (wireless), Ethernet (wired)
Optional transmission standards
1-Wire (wired), DALI (wired), DMX (wired), EnOcean (wireless), Infrared (IR, wireless), Modbus (wired), RS232 (wired), RS485 (wired), KNX (wired)
Wireless motors for roller shutters, external venetian blinds, textile screens, awnings, DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), flush-mounted modules
Climate control
Weather stations, light sensors, room thermostats, floor heating, radiator thermostats, water heaters/boilers, cooling systems
Loxone LED lighting, DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), flush-mounted modules
Motion sensors, smoke detectors, alarms, door/window contacts, surveillance cameras, water sensors
Recharching stations (car), solar panels, DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), power storage devices, power meters, flush-mounted modules, adaptors
Sonos loudspeakers, home sound systems, door intercom systems
Household appliances
Home Connect, Miele@home
Control options
No manual operation needed; if you ever want to change something, a single click on a switch is enough to do so
Optional control options
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