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Garage Doors – Product Benefits

ROMA garage doors stand out from the crowd in more ways than one and offer numerous advantages. ROMA garage doors not only save you extra space but are also customisable and convenient.

Anti-Burglary Protection & Security

Safety is a top priority for ROMA. That is why ROMA garage doors are equipped with an automatic safety system that stops the door if an obstacle is detected. There's no danger of injury. The same design concept also reduces the risk of trapping your fingers as all technical components are enclosed, ensuring no dangerous parts are exposed.

And if ever there is a power cut, you are safe as emergency manual operation is available as standard or as an option for all ROMA garage doors. Likewise, all our doors – including the G72/G82 roller grille models – are equipped with a hold-down system providing anti-burglary protection.

Optimal Use of Space

One of the great advantages of ROMA garage doors is their efficient use of space. This makes them the best solution for gaining extra space. Instead of "swinging" open, our space-saving doors not only protect your car from damage but also optimise the use of the space available.

All ROMA garage doors are made to measure, individually customised and can be installed cleanly and cost-effectively in one day, making them perfect for you and your needs.

Convenient & Easy to Use

ROMA garage doors equipped with radio remote control provide freedom and convenience. Can you remember the time when you had to get out of your car in the rain to open your garage door? And then your keys would fall to the ground? The good old days were not always that good!

That's why ROMA roofline doors come with radio remote control as standard, so you can get into your garage without getting wet. Our roller doors can also be cost-effectively equipped with remote control technology.

And if you don't have your remote control on you, ROMA doors can also optionally be installed with a keypad to open them.

ROMA garage doors couldn't be more convenient and user-friendly in fulfilling your requirements.

Modern Design

Why exclude your garage from your property's colour scheme? ROMA's colour collection makes it easy for you. It offers a wide range of colours for a high-quality, durable finish. Why not choose one of the seven standard colours from our colour harmony selection, for example, and match your door curtain effortlessly with your home?

Quality Made in Germany

We offer quality and ideas produced in Germany. In just three decades, the owner-managed company ROMA has become the German market leader for roller shutters. Added to this, ROMA is continually the focus of attention in the industry thanks to its innovative solutions for external venetian blinds and textile screens.

One of the keys to ROMA's success is our clear commitment to keeping production in Germany. ROMA roller shutters, external venetian blinds, textile screens and garage doors are produced at four locations in Germany.

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