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A wired smart home system is often not an option – or a complicated one – for existing buildings. This is were digitalSTROM steps in. Its components are quick and easy to install without any extra building work. You already have the most important element in your home – an electricity supply.

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digitalSTROM is known for its colourful terminals. They are mounted like screw terminals and usually concealed behind switches and sockets – this makes them invisible once installation work is finished. The terminals send and receive signals, which enable things like roller shutters, lighting, security features and alarms to be interconnected.

The colourful terminals are combined with a digitalSTROM Meter, which is housed in your fuse box and manages device networking and communication via the electricity circuit. Meters can be connected to a digitalSTROM Server, which connects to the internet to enable you to control your home from your smartphone and tablet. This system also offers a voice control feature, in addition to the more standard solution based on your existing light switches.

digitalSTROM systems need to be installed by a specialist. However, if you want to modify a setting, you can do so yourself.

ROMA system compatibility:
Roller shutters: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

External venetian blinds: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Textile screens: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Garage doors:

* System components are switching devices that can be controlled by the smart home system and can forward the relevant command to the motor/appliance.

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Broken wave in white on green background

digitalSTROM in Your App Store

With digitalSTROM's free app for your smartphone or tablet, take your home out with you, wherever you're headed. You can use the app to control and manage all your smart home technology hassle-free and in just a few taps – even when you're away.

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The Right System for Your Home

Running costs
Scope of application
Retrofitting (old buildings/rented apartments), new builds
Installed by
Professionally (user-modifiable settings)
Transmission standard
Manufacturer's own modulated signal for the installed power system (wired), Ethernet (wired)
Optional transmission standards
DALI (wired), EnOcean (wireless)
Flush-mounted modules for roller shutters, external venetian blinds, blinds, textile screens, awnings
Climate control
Home environment sensors, light sensors, room thermostats, floor heating, radiator thermostats, cooling systems
Philips Hue, flush-mounted modules, adaptors
Motion sensors, smoke detectors, alarms, door/window contacts, surveillance cameras, water sensors
Charging stations (car), solar panels, power meters, flush-mounted modules, adaptors
Sonos loudspeakers
Household appliances
Control options
App for Android, App for iOS, switches, remote control, touchscreen, web browser
Optional control options
Amazon Echo (Alexa)
Can be custom-extended by the system integrator to include other appliances or options.
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