Dining room with KNX operating panel on wall


KNX is a renowned international standard for intelligent electrical installation networking based on a bus system. Many manufacturers have now adopted the KNX standard and offer a vast range of KNX-certified products. You can find the right product for almost any application.

KNX intelligent networking uses a cable, which for new builds is generally installed together with the power supply. However, you can also send KNX commands via a wireless system or the existing power circuit. With the KNX system, you can effortlessly control and automate things such as lighting, blinds, heating, ventilation and security installations.

Capital letters KNX, above a connecting arc

If you want a broad range of control options, such as using a smartphone or tablet, opt for a smart home nerve centre such as the Gira HomeServer. It connects the KNX installation to the computer network and the internet, enabling you to control your home from an app – from wherever you are.

Expanding the KNX system with the Gira HomeServer lets you seamlessly integrate several other technologies into your building control system – such as door intercoms, camera and sound systems as well as systems by other manufacturers for the bathroom, kitchen and home entertainment. That way, you can enjoy maximum convenience, security and energy efficiency in your home.

The Gira HomeServer must be installed and configured by a professional. It is also wiser to call a specialst if you want to make any changes to settings, as you can't really do this yourself.

ROMA system compatibility
Roller shutters: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

External venetian blinds: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Textile screens: 
Wired motors with customer-provided system components*

Garage doors: 

* System components are switching devices that can be controlled by the smart home system and can forward the relevant command to the motor/appliance.

  • Lettering GIRA white on black background
Lettering GIRA white on black background

Gira HomeServer in Your App Store

The Gira HomeServer/Facility Server App enables you to easily control all intelligent building technology wherever you are, using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any Android-base mobile device. This free app for controlling the Gira HomeServer and KNX building installations features a uniformly structured interface design.

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KNX (e.g. Gira HomeServer)

The Right System for Your Home

Running costs
Scope of application
New builds
Installed by
Transmission standard
KNX (wired), Ethernet (wired)
Optional transmission standards
Individually extensible
Venetian blind motors, DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), flush-mounted modules
Climate control
Weather stations, light sensors, room thermostats, floor heating, radiator thermostats, water heaters/boilers, cooling systems
DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), flush-mounted modules, adaptors
Motion sensors, smoke detectors, alarms, door/window contacts, surveillance cameras, water sensors
Charging stations (car), solar panels, DIN rail-mounted devices (switch panel), power storage devices, power meters, flush-mounted modules, adaptors
REVOX sound system, door intercom systems
Household appliances
Control options
App for Android, App for iOS, switches, remote control, touchscreen, web browser
Optional control options
Can be custom-extended by the system integrator to include other appliances or options. Settings can only be modified by a system integrator.
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