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Textile Screens – Product Benefits

ROMA textile screens will win you over with their unrivalled product features and broad range of customisation options. This includes almost perfect sun and heat protection as well as weather resistance and a modern design. You can also decide how much people can see in and how much you can see out.

Sun & Heat Protection

ROMA's textile screens provide protection against heat while still allowing in enough daylight for a natural atmosphere, also ensuring a good view from the inside out. All this without any additional expenses, since ROMA textile screens are weather-proof and practically maintenance-free.

In addition to this, ROMA textile screens' weather-resistant and durable fabrics protect your indoor plants, books, pictures and furnishings from excess sunshine, as they filter up to 98% of UV rays, whatever the time of day. And no need to leave what's best about the sun at the door: natural light. 

It goes without saying that we have also thought about heat protection. ROMA textile screens enable you to reduce air conditioning costs by up to 70%. Not only do they filter sunlight, they also reflect it so that the heat stays outside your window, preventing your indoors from over-heating. And the opposite is true in winter – they prevent the indoor heat from escaping.

Transparency – a Room with a View

Our ROMA zipSCREEN.2 offers you efficient sun screening while still enabling you to see outside. With ROMA high-tech fabrics, everything is possible, from luminous transparency to almost pitch black.

Hail Protection

ROMA textile screens protect your living space with their weather-proof and durable fabrics. One of the unmistakable features of our weather-resistant high-tech textiles is a PVC coating with water beading action, which makes them highly weather-proof so that even hail showers are not a worry.

Wind Stability

With ROMA textile screens, you are perfectly protected from the wind and sun. Our special ROMA zip technology guarantees smooth fabric travel every time and – depending on element size and installation set-up – resistance to wind speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Mounted on the patio structure, the discrete textile screens fit in ideally and provide an agreeable detail. In the cooler hours of the evening, ROMA textile screens work just as perfectly to protect you against wind gusts and draughts, while the integrated see-through panel in the screen opens up a view into the garden.

Shading for Larger Windows & Surface Areas

From new builds to renovations, modern living increasingly equates with large windows and light-flooded rooms. But even at our temperate latitudes, the sun can sometimes be oppressive. The ROMA zipSCREEN.2 offers you both attractive and reliable shading for glazed areas of up to 18 m² (depending on element size and installation set-up).

Even with large glazed window areas you don't have to miss out on the natural interplay of summer colours, as the installed screen – depending on the fabric – reflects most of the heat before it hits the window without blocking your view to the outdoors.

A Modern Design: Visually Discrete with a Wide Colour Range

Your mode of living is a question of personal taste. And so is the colour design of your home. Everything you may desire is possible with ROMA's colour collection. And even a bit more. The colour collection contains a large selection of colours for high-quality durable surfaces. For instance, choose from among seven standard colours of ROMA roller shutters and external venetian blinds.

The choice of fabric type and colour impacts the transparency and light-filtering properties of your textile screen. That's why we recommend you contact a ROMA distributor near you, who will be happy to show you the different model and colour samples while explaining their light-filtering and shading properties.


With ROMA textile screens, find the perfect balance between privacy protection and transparency. You decide how much of a view you want. Depending on the fabric you choose, ROMA textile screens offer you a great view outside, without inviting any gaze inside.

Room Darkening

Variety for a lot of pleasant dreams. Textile screens from ROMA are attractive structural elements that perform considerably more functions than mere sun shading.

Children, for example, often require darker rooms to sleep. ROMA textile screens allow you to choose a blackout fabric that perfectly reduces the brightness. Or you can also choose a fabric with your favourite pattern.

You choose what your fabric can do. Our ROMA distributors are on hand to advise and help you choose the right fabric.

Insect Screening

Leave your doors wide open or settle under the patio canopy to enjoy the long sunny summer days and evenings undisturbed, with ROMA's zipSCREEN.2 inscect screen solution. Based on our well-known and time-tested ROMA zipSCREEN.2, our specially designed insect screens offer excellent protection from flying insects.

Convenient & Easy to Use

Do you prefer easy-to-use wall-mounted switches or is remote control more your thing? Both are easy and convenient, though the radio remote control system offers you the added comfort of controlling your textile screens from wherever you are in your home.

ROMA Smart Home makes operating your textile screens even easier! With the 'TaHoma' home control system, you can programme and control sun screening from your smartphone or tablet, totally intuitively, even when you're away!

ROMA textile screens are also compatible with the Loxone Real Smart Home system. This system can spare your household up to 50,000 hand manoeuvres a year, as it requires hardly any manual input.

Quality Made in Germany

We offer quality and ideas produced in Germany. In just three decades, the owner-managed company ROMA has become the German market leader for roller shutters. Added to this, ROMA is continually the focus of attention in the industry thanks to its innovative solutions for external venetian blinds and textile screens.

One of the keys to ROMA's success is our clear commitment to keeping production in Germany. ROMA roller shutters, external venetian blinds and textile screens are produced at four locations in Germany.

Find out more about our company.

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